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Danny_Bensi _and _Saunder _Jurriaans _Last Days_in_the_Desert_Original _Motion_Picture_Soundtrack_iTunes_Plus _AAC _M4A_2016-P2P

Posted by on May 29th, 2016 P2P
Last Days in the Desert

1. Desert
2. Camp
3. Man Makes Do
4. Jerusalem
5. Return
6. Dawn
7. River
8. Cliff
9. Fall
10. Last Breath
11. Funeral Pyre
12. Blessing
13. Goodbye Demon
14. Crucifixion
15. Resurrection (Bonus Track)
16. Epilogue
17. Last Days End Credits
18. Holy Man (Bonus Track)
19. Camp Alt (Bonus Track)
20. Afterthoughts (Bonus Track)

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