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We Got This – In the Season 1 finale, two Castaways come across an abandoned camp full of journals and resources left by other survivors. Deep reflection forces all Castaways to question their ability to stay, forcing yet another to quit. The remaining survivors reflect on their time on the island and how their lives will change if they are ever rescued.

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Hindsight – Terry continues to enjoy the isolation while thriving on the resources left behind by other Castaways who have quit. Matt must decide where he belongs, knowing he’ll leave at least one camp questioning his integrity. Tensions reach a boiling point as food and resources dwindle forcing one group to splinter.
The Search – After a fight divides a camp, starvation forces two Castaways to search for resources that may still exist on the islands. Two Castaways approach their breaking point, unsure of whether or not they can continue.

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Is It Worth It? – The remaining Castaways begin to obsess over the existence of other survivors and whether they are facing similar struggles. Matt decides to search for others across a mile-long channel, risking it all to potentially help his situation. Kenzie falls severely ill, forcing her to question her ability to stay and whether the sacrifices she makes in her life have been worth it.

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My True Rescue – Robbie and Kenzie are convinced Eric is on their island and wonder if he is looking for a companion or would rather be alone. Krichelle struggles with her infection and contemplates leaving the island early, which in turn would leave Tim alone or forced to find others. All of the castaways begin to question their true motivations and the transcendent reasons they should stay.

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A Cry for Help – Matt attempts a dangerous swim to another part of the island and stumbles upon two other Castaways, Sawyer and Richard. The thought of splitting resources amongst the trio becomes a stark reality and another obstacle to overcome. Meanwhile, Tim sets out to explore the islands and discovers another camp. He is faced with the decision of staying or returning to his wounded friend, Krichelle. Guilt settles in as Tim questions the way he treated Eric a few days before.

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Three’s a Crowd – Matt struggles to make it to other parts of the island with his resources quickly running out; Tim and Krichelle’s strong bond starts to take shape; and Sawyer and Richard’s similarities make them question if meeting any others would lessen their chances of survival. Meanwhile, the harsh reality of life on the islands has its effect on one of the castaways whose journey is cut short.

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Only the Lonely – Tim and Krichelle meet Eric, who has been on a solo journey and feels hesitant to join the pair since asking for help is not in his nature, but his loneliness is getting the best of him. Meanwhile, three other Castaways find themselves on very different paths: Terry enjoys her solitude, Reshanna starts to lose hope without a human connection, and Matt forges ahead on a treacherous part of the island.

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Man Down – A chance encounter between Tim and Krichelle takes them by surprise, while Eric finds himself on a solo path. Sawyer, Angel and Richard meet for the first time, but one of them realizes they don’t have what it takes to go on. Meanwhile, Robbie fears that he’s been abandoned for good as Kenzi fails to return from her exploration of the island—sparking his childhood insecurities.

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Abandoned – The series premiere: Twelve people are dropped alone throughout various islets in Indonesia and challenged to survive among washed-up luggage, scattered resources and abandoned structures. The only way to leave the remote islands is to persevere long enough to be rescued or to quit.

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