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Que Sera Sera – The Season 1 finale: Miles, Cara and Rakesh finally come face to face with the elusive Henry Chase when the God Account sends Miles Simon Hayes’ name.

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The Road To Damascus – Arthur joins Miles on a road trip upstate after the God Account checks into a closed-down summer camp. Also, Cara makes a career-altering decision, Pria reveals unexpected news to Rakesh, and the hunt for answers to the God Account come to a head at the grand reveal of Simon Hayes’ mystery project.

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Return to Sender – A package mistakenly shows up on Miles’ doorstep, and his search for its importance leads him to a couple grieving the loss of their daughter. Also, Miles, Cara and Rakesh reunite with John Dove, Miles’ first friend suggestion, after Rakesh discovers a connection between Dove and Simon Hayes.

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The Dragon Slayer – Miles gets an offer to join a podcast network that wants exclusive rights to the God Account story. But when Cara has the chance to move up at her job by interviewing Simon Hayes about his possible connection to the Account, she must decide if she’s willing to risk Miles’ big break to further her own career.

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Scenes From an Italian Restaurant – A sous chef’s dream is in danger of falling apart. Also, Ali and Miles are concerned that the Diocese sent Rev. Carver to replace Arthur, and Rakesh gets closer to Simon Hayes.

God.Friended.Me.S01E15.HDTV.x264-aAF & God.Friended.Me.S01E15.720p.HDTV.x264-aAF

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Two Guys, A Girl, and A Thai Food Place – Miles and Cara help a young woman who fell into a coma after disappearing the night before her wedding and wakes with no memory of that evening. Also, Rakesh comes face-to-face with Simon Hayes, the tech CEO who may be involved with the God Account, and Arthur’s mentorship of Rev. Carver gets off to a rocky start.


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The Trouble with the Curve – Miles reconnects with his high school baseball teammate, Cal, when he gets a friend suggestion for a promising young baseball player who Cal is coaching. Also, Arthur feels territorial when he’s informed that the Diocese is sending an assistant rector to mentor under him.

God.Friended.Me.S01E13.HDTV.x264-aAF & God.Friended.Me.S01E13.720p.HDTV.x264-aAF

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Miracle on 123rd Street – Miles is shocked when the God Account sends him 76 simultaneous friend suggestions. Also, Ali moves in with Miles while her apartment is being fumigated, and Rakesh receives surprising news at work.

God.Friended.Me.S01E12.HDTV.x264-W4F & God.Friended.Me.S01E12.720p.HDTV.x264-W4F

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Ready Player Two – Miles turns to his dad for help when he learns that his latest friend suggestion was adopted after being dropped off at Arthur’s church as a baby. Also, Pria comes clean about Henry Chase, the real identity of the hacker Falken, and his possible connection to the God Account.

God.Friended.Me.S01E11.WEB.H264-MEMENTO & God.Friended.Me.S01E11.720p.WEB.H264-MEMENTO

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17 Years – The God Account sends Miles the name of the drunk driver who killed his mother 17 years earlier, leading Cara and Rakesh to help him face the worst moment of his life in order to move forward. Also, Miles and Rakesh learn revealing information about Falken, the mysterious hacker who they believe is tied to the God Account.


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