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American.Dad.S15E06.1080p.WEBRip.x264-TBS – Added.

Lost Boys – Roger breaks up Steve’s friendship with Snot, Barry, and Toshi. Jeff realizes he has a flair for house flipping and gets Stan, Francine, and Hayley involved.

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American.Dad.S15E05.WEB.x264-TBS & American.Dad.S15E05.720p.WEB.x264-TBS

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American.Dad.S15E05.1080p.WEBRip.x264-TBS – Added.

Jeff And The Dank Ass Weed Factory – Jeff wins a tour through a mysterious weed factory and brings Stan along.

American.Dad.S15E04.WEB.x264-TBS & American.Dad.S15E04.720p.WEB.x264-TBS

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American.Dad.S15E04.1080p.WEB.x264-TBS – Added.

Rabbit Ears – Stan Smith is a CIA agent painfully dedicated to homeland security. His home life includes doting wife Francine, a ditzy housewife, liberal daughter Hayley, and socially awkward teenage son Steve.

American.Dad.S15E03.WEBRip.x264-TBS & American.Dad.S15E03.720p.WEBRip.x264-TBS

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Stan & Francine & Connie & Ted – Steve introduces Stan and Francine to Barry’s parents and Steve regrets it. Roger goes blind.

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I Am The Jeans: The Gina Lavetti Story – Francine tries to be a better friend to one of Roger’s personas who is selling her homemade jeans on TV. Stan and Steve swap eyebrows

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Fantasy Baseball – Steve tries to use baseball to connect with his father.

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The Future Is Borax – Worried about their bickering, Stan and Francine go to extremes to save their marriage. Roger excels at jingle writing.

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Fleabiscuit – Hayley feels left behind after Jeff becomes a star dog racing coach. Steve takes advantage of an empty house.

American.Dad.S14E20.WEBRip.x264-TBS & American.Dad.S14E20.720p.WEBRip.x264-TBS

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Funnyish Games – Francine becomes obsessed with home security after a break-in rattles her. Steve tries on Hayley’s laidback approach to school work.

American.Dad.S14E19.WEB.x264-TBS & American.Dad.S14E19.720p.WEB.x264-TBS

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Top Of The Steve – Steve goes to boarding school, only to discover it’s an all-girls school. Stan is annoyed by a parade of characters that come to take Steve’s place at home.


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