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House of M – The past actions of Black Panther and the Avengers come back to haunt them.

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Widowmaker – Black Panther’s quest uncovers secrets about his ancestor Bashenga, the founder of Wakanda.
Atlantis Attacks – All of Black Panther’s efforts to protect Wakanda are thrown into jeopardy by a new foe.

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King Breaker Part One – Black Panther must go behind enemy lines to save his foes from an even bigger threat.
King Breaker Part Two – With an attack coming from multiple sides, Black Panther turns to help from an unlikely source.

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Bashenga – Black Panther’s quest uncovers secrets about his ancestor Bashenga, the founder of Wakanda.

Marvels.Avengers-Black.Panthers.Quest.S05E17.WEB.x264-TBS & Marvels.Avengers-Black.Panthers.Quest.S05E17.720p.WEB.x264-TBS

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Yemandi – Black Panther discovers secrets about his ancestor, Yemandi.

Marvels.Avengers-Black.Panthers.Quest.S05E16.WEB.x264-TBS & Marvels.Avengers-Black.Panthers.Quest.S05E16.720p.WEB.x264-TBS

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T’Chanda – Black Panther uncovers secrets about his grandfather, T’Chanda.

Marvels.Avengers-Black.Panthers.Quest.S05E14E15.WEB.x264-TBS & Marvels.Avengers-Black.Panthers.Quest.S05E14E15.720p.WEB.x264-TBS

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Vibranium Curtain: Part One – Black Panther devises a plan to get the information he needs, but he isn’t the only one with a plan.
Vibranium Curtain: Part Two – Captured by his enemies, Black Panther discovers an unlikely ally.

Marvels.Avengers-Black.Panthers.Quest.S05E13.WEB.x264-TBS & Marvels.Avengers-Black.Panthers.Quest.S05E13.720p.WEB.x264-TBS

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The Last Avenger – Alone, Black Panther must safeguard a dangerous weapon from all who might try to stop him.

Marvels.Avengers-Black.Panthers.Quest.S05E12.WEB.x264-TBS & Marvels.Avengers-Black.Panthers.Quest.S05E12.720p.WEB.x264-TBS

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Descent of the Shadow – Black Panther and The Avengers work together to protect New York City from a new threat.

Marvels.Avengers-Black.Panthers.Quest.S05E10E11.WEB.x264-TBS & Marvels.Avengers-Black.Panthers.Quest.S05E10E11.720p.WEB.x264-TBS

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The Good Son – The key to Black Panther’s quest has been stolen and Panther must recover it before it leaves Wakanda.
The Lost Temple – Black Panther and his allies finally discover the artifact they’ve been searching for.


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