Chicago.Med.S05E04.HDTV.x264-SVA & Chicago.Med.S05E04.720p.HDTV.x264-AVS

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Infection, Part 2 – Part 2 of a three-show crossover event: An entire apartment complex is forced into quarantine when cases of the deadly virus turns into an epidemic. P.D. chases a lead that could point to a case of bioterrorism and Will gets dangerously close to the suspect.

Chicago.Med.S05E03.HDTV.x264-SVA & Chicago.Med.S05E03.720p.HDTV.x264-AVS

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In the Valley of The Shadows – Dr. Choi and Dr. Marcel don’t see eye-to-eye over the treatment of a patient’s chronic pain and rumors start to circulate about Maggie. Dr. Manning works to help a young boy, but her treatment suggestions are challenged by the parents who believe in only using holistic remedies.

Chicago.Med.S05E02.HDTV.X264-SVA & Chicago.Med.S05E02.720p.HDTV.X264-AVS

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We’re Lost in the Dark – Dr. Choi and Dr. Charles face difficult decisions as a dying man tries to preserve his future life with a controversial scientific method. Dr. Marcel and April clash over how to handle a mysterious patient and Will questions Natalie’s capabilities. Sharon assigns a nurse to shadow Maggie, much to her dismay.

Chicago.Med.S05E01.HDTV.X264-SVA & Chicago.Med.S05E01.720p.HDTV.x264-AVS

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Never Going Back to Normal – In the Season 5 premiere, Will and Natalie face the aftermath of a horrific car incident and are left to battle for their lives. An investigation is launched following the suspicious death of the elder Cornelius Rhodes, Dr. Rhodes’ father. Maggie receives life-changing news. Dr. Charles cuts his honeymoon short to tend to a young patient he suspects might have schizophrenia.

Chicago.Med.S04E22.HDTV.x264-KILLERS & Chicago.Med.S04E22.720p.HDTV.x264-KILLERS

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With a Brave Heart – In the Season 4 finale, Dr. Charles and Caroline set some major plans. Ava fights to keep her relationship with Connor. Agent Lee informs Will of news that may put his life in danger

Chicago.Med.S04E21.HDTV.x264-SVA & Chicago.Med.S04E21.720p.HDTV.x264-AVS

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Forever Hold Your Peace – Caroline has news to share, forcing Dr. Charles to make a serious decision about their relationship. Maggie meets her sister’s new boyfriend, but discovers danger may lie ahead. Dr. Rhodes experiences a devastating loss while Dr. Choi and April are faced with an unexpected challenge that strengthens their relationship.

Chicago.Med.S04E20.HDTV.x264-SVA & Chicago.Med.S04E20.720p.HDTV.x264-AVS

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More Harm Than Good – Dr. Charles and Dr. Manning disagree on how to handle a patient who they discover is poisoning herself. Dr. Rhodes throws some serious accusations at Dr. Bekker. Dr. Halstead has suspicions about Natalie’s new boyfriend and Dr. Choi tends to Bernie.

Chicago.Med.S04E19.HDTV.x264-LucidTV & Chicago.Med.S04E19.720p.HDTV.x264-LucidTV

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Never Let You Go – The hospital goes into lockdown mode when a man with a gun holds medical staff hostage. Goodwin is forced to make a tough decision. Dr. Rhodes begins to realize his time with his father is getting short.

Chicago.Med.S04E18.WEB.h264-TBS & Chicago.Med.S04E18.720p.WEB.H264-METCON

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Tell Me the Truth – Dr. Rhodes receives an alarming phone call that causes him to rush out in the middle of a surgery. Dr. Halstead comes to the aid of an FBI agent who is brought into the ER, but he suspects there is more to the story than he is being told. Dr. Manning and Dr. Choi find themselves on opposite sides of a major disagreement over doctor patient confidentiality.

Chicago.Med.S04E17.HDTV.x264-SVA & Chicago.Med.S04E17.720p.HDTV.x264-AVS

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The Space Between Us – A car unexpectedly smashes through the ambulance bay doors, forcing Dr. Choi to make some difficult decisions in an effort to save a worker trapped beneath the wreckage and April, who’s also in danger. Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Bekker tend to a patient whose best chance at survival is an extremely risky heart surgery. Dr. Charles struggles to come to terms with ex wife Caroline’s treatment.


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