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Going To War – Firehouse 51 is faced with a daunting challenge when an out-of-control blaze consumes a 15-story apartment complex, trapping victims on the top floors. Complicating the rapidly escalating situation, members soon discover that someone close to home may be one of the trapped victims.
When to Let Go – Part 2 of 3. The doctors and nurses of Chicago Med find themselves on high alert when an overflow of patients are rushed into the doors following a terrifying apartment complex blaze. Dr. Rhodes fights to save the life of one of “Chicago Fire’s” own, while Dr. Halstead and his brother Jay struggle with their own personal battle.

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Be My Better Half – Goodwin finds herself quickly clashing with the new hospital COO Gwen Garrett while April questions whether or not Ethan’s sister, Emily, is using again. Dr. Charles deals with his past actions.

Chicago.Med.S03E20.HDTV.x264-SVA & Chicago.Med.S03E20.720p.HDTV.x264-AVS

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The Tipping Point – Dr. Rhodes second guesses his decision to remove himself from the team of doctors who work to separate conjoined twins. Dr. Choi and April make a startling discovery about his sister, Emily, and Dr. Charles uncovers troubling information concerning Dr. Reese’s father. Season Finale.

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Crisis of Confidence – Dr. Manning rushes to save a young boy who has a life-threatening case of the flu. After discovering that opioid pain killers were stolen during last week’s mass casualty, April believes Dr. Choi’s sister took them. Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Bekker disagree over the best treatment for a cardiac patient who is 21 weeks pregnant.

Chicago.Med.S03E18.HDTV.x264-KILLERS & Chicago.Med.S03E18.720p.HDTV.x264-KILLERS

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This is Now – After a shooting occurs during a block party at a local park, Med is overrun with victims that stretch the hospital and staff to its limits. In the midst of the chaos, Dr. Choi devises a new mass casualty plan on the fly and Dr. Manning struggles to stay focused when she realizes her son and nanny might have been at the scene.

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The Parent Trap – After a 10-year-old boy is admitted to the hospital, Dr. Manning and Dr. Halstead disagree on how to best handle the boy’s parents. Dr. Rhodes rushes to fix a heart that will be given to Dr. Reese’s estranged father.

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An Inconvenient Truth – After taking the lead on a surgery, Dr. Bekker feels the heat after something goes wrong. Dr. Manning and Dr. Charles are faced with a tough decision concerning the gender of a 9-year-old girl. April and Dr. Reese rush to find the son of a dying patient. Goodwin’s godson is admitted to the hospital.

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Devil in Disguise – Dr. Charles and Dr. Reese search for answers when a mother brings in her daughter claiming she is possessed. Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Bekker are tasked with finding a way to save a pair of conjoined twins. Dr. Halstead struggles to get Dr. Manning’s attention. Maggie measures her options in the wake of her recent actions.

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Lock It Down – After a baby is abducted from Med, Goodwin enlists the help of Dr. Charles and Dr. Reese to find the suspect. Due to the lockdown, Dr. Rhodes must figure out a way to get into the operating room to help perform open-heart surgery. Dr. Manning and Dr. Halstead disagree on the right treatment for a patient.

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Born This Way – Upon hearing news of a pregnant teen, Dr. Manning and Dr. Choi venture to a homeless encampment to help deliver a baby under dire circumstances. Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Bekker argue about the best way to treat a young boy with a chronic disease. Dr. Halstead and April are put in an uncomfortable situation when they find out their patient is a pedophile. Goodwin and Maggie have to deal with a lawsuit against the hospital. Dr. Charles learns of important news pertaining to Dr. Reese’s father.


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