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Mom and Kat – During a tour stop, Pete pays a visit to his parents and introduces them to Kat, who notices the uncomfortably close relationship he has with his overbearing mom. As he tries to keep the peace, Pete grows increasingly trapped between the two most important women in his life.


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MC, Middle, Headliner – Pete travels to New Jersey with Jason to do a weekend of shows at a big corporate comedy club and is surprised to find Ali, his ex, staying with them at the comedy condo, but Jason’s misogynistic act and point of view cause Pete to question his path in comedy.


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The Secret – Pete falls headfirst into a relationship with a new girlfriend, Kat, who encourages him to be more aggressive in his career. On the night of their three-week anniversary, things amp up after a visit to a sex shop and a comedy show that morphs into a night all about Pete.

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The Temple Gig – Pete feels like his time away from New York has taken him out of the scene, so he accepts an offer to perform at a Jewish show, where Elon Gold and Modi question his impulsive behavior with a woman he met earlier that day.


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Jaboukie – Season 3 premiere. Pete’s successful two-month college comedy tour comes to an end, so he dons a new look and confidence to match, and takes a college-age aspiring comedian, Jaboukie, under his wing. But Pete’s return to New York finds him having an awkward reunion and a big audition at the Comedy Cellar that could change everything.

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Roast Battle – In the Season 2 finale, Pete enters a comedy-roast battle to prove to Ali he’s got a backbone, but he finds that being mean is harder than it looks, and the fierce competition brings harsh truths to the surface, forcing him to examine his life’s priorities.

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Artie – Pete’s decision to organize a benefit for an ailing comedy vet finds him scrambling to put on a good show and facing some hard truths about Artie.

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Too Good – Pete reunites with Ali, who takes him on a tour of New York’s alternative comedy scene, where they encounter a wide array of comedians and venues over the course of one night.

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Porter Got HBO – Pete tries to be supportive when a fellow comedian at The Boston gets his big break. Later, he reconnects with Jessica, who encourages him to find a new way to express himself.

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Bill Burr – Pete is abandoned by Artie, but rescued by comedian Bill Burr, who takes pity on him and offers his guest room, and as an unlikely friendship blossoms, Bill encourages Pete to toughen up and embrace his masculine side.

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