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The Future Is Borax – Worried about their bickering, Stan and Francine go to extremes to save their marriage. Roger excels at jingle writing.

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Fleabiscuit – Hayley feels left behind after Jeff becomes a star dog racing coach. Steve takes advantage of an empty house.

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Funnyish Games – Francine becomes obsessed with home security after a break-in rattles her. Steve tries on Hayley’s laidback approach to school work.

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Top Of The Steve – Steve goes to boarding school, only to discover it’s an all-girls school. Stan is annoyed by a parade of characters that come to take Steve’s place at home.

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Twinanigans – Steve and Roger restart their career as a twin brother acting duo. The family becomes addicted to a novelty gift shop.

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The Legend of Old Ulysses – The family visits Possum Lake. Roger learns to ride a bike

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Persona Assistant – Roger has a medical emergency and Stan has to take over his personas.

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Flavortown – Jeff starts hanging out with Stan’s favorite celebrity chef while in search of an identity. Klaus and Roger start their own valet operation.

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One-Woman Swole – After her family accuses her of being a quitter, Francine becomes a bodybuilder; Klaus claims to have invented the high five.

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Mean Francine – Francine falls in with a group of tough girls after becoming the new school guidance counselor. Jeff panics when he loses his hat.


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