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A Goddamned Saint – Following a murder at the hospice, Mary and Ben have 24 hours to convince the police that Frances is the real killer.

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Wolf, Meet Henhouse – Mary and Ben take a calculated risk in trying to take Frances down.

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No Happy Endings Here – The police investigation into her actions came up empty, her days of constantly looking over her shoulder appear to have passed, and the hospice she started with Des – their dream of a safe and secluded retreat where they can tend to terminal patients without risk of exposure – is up and running. Mary and her daughters are busy preparing for the arrival of her baby – a warm, new beginning in contrast to the harsh winter snow and ice that has encased Port Denver.

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Girl Problems – Mary promises Des that she’ll never put the hospice at risk again. Mary and Frances meet an elderly cancer patient. Jess realizes that something’s wrong with Naomi.

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The Key to Faith – Mary secretly takes in patients, but one death doesn’t go as planned.


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