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Two Paths – Kate heads to New York for a client pitch. Meanwhile in Toronto, Alice makes a desperate choice based on Anne’s recent actions and Frankie finds herself in the middle of an intensifying family conflict.
What’s It Gonna Be? – Kate finds herself at a fork in the road. Anne realizes the truth about Alice. Ian guides Jenny to the light, while Val quantum leaps into love.

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Business Boyz – As Kate is served with an ultimatum, Anne attempts to resolve a conflict with Brenna’s parents. Jenny’s gamble at work backfires, resulting in the personal and the professional intertwining. Val has a potential new suitor!

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Girl’s Trip – When Kate, Anne, Frankie and Val take a memorable “trip” to celebrate Frankie’s birthday, secrets are revealed and friendships are tested.

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Revenge Fantasy – While Kate takes her work to the streets, Jenny lashes out on the job, Anne incites violence, Alice gets revenge and tensions boil over in Val’s home.

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Narls In Charge – The Headmaster at Charlie’s school asigns Kate with a humiliating task. Lionel presents Anne with an innovative solution to overcome her misplaced aggression. Bad news from Bianca sets Frankie on a path to Juniper, in search of a solution.

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Stand for Something – Bad press leads to professional trouble for Kate but a new relationship offers her a lifeline. Anne’s stress come to a head as she fears for Alice’s safety. Jenny finds herself an unlikely hero at Zoe’s birthday party.

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Training Day – While pursuing new business, Kate confronts an old foe. When Alice decides she’s ready to take the subway alone, Anne takes anti-pervert training into overdrive. Frankie finds out Bianca has big life plans and decides to help.

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Daddy’s Home – Kate takes one for the team and represents an unsavoury client with deep pockets. Forrest’s thirst for alone time with Kate becomes a family affair. Anne’s new job presses buttons she didn’t know she had. Frankie plays financier and Jenny makes some new friends.

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Ep01:Birth Daze – In the wake of Nathan’s infidelity, Kate gets her life back on track with a new apartment, a new business and a new baby.
Ep02:Of Rights And Men – Kate forges a dubious but profitable new business relationship; disappointed by a court decision, Anne takes matters into her own hands and channels her rage into a good cause. An old friend tracks down newly rich Frankie with a request.


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