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Crystal Blue-Haired Persuasion – In the Season 30 finale, Homer’s work cuts children’s healthcare benefits, so Marge turns to buying healing crystals as a cheaper solution for Bart’s ADD. Bart begins to succeed in school, prompting Marge to open her very own crystals empire and sell to the naive mothers at school.

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The.Simpsons.S30E22.1080p.WEB.x264-TBS – Added.

Woo-Hoo Dunnit – The secret stack of cash—aka Lisa’s college fund—Marge keeps under the sink goes missing, and the documentary crime series “Deadline Springfield” goes in-depth to solve the case, leaving no stone unturned.

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I’m Just a Girl Who Can’t Say D’oh – Marge becomes director of Springfield’s local theater, armed with Lisa’s script resembling “Hamilton.” Meanwhile, Homer joins a baby class with Maggie, where he takes a liking to supervisor Chloe.

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Girl’s in the Band – Lisa is scouted by the director of the Capitol City Philharmonic, to her band teacher’s dismay. Homer works extra shifts at the plant so Lisa can play, putting strain on the family

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Bart Vs. Itchy & Scratchy – Krusty releases an all-female reboot of “Itchy and Scratchy,” so Bart and his crew of all-male friends decide to boycott the show. After Bart’s friends turn on him for laughing at the reboot, Bart joins a woke group of sixth-grade girls who commit crimes against patriarchy.

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E My Sports – As Bart begins to excel in video game competitions, Homer discovers a passion for coaching him. Lisa attempts to bring Homer back to reality, but the plan causes chaos.

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101 Mitigations – Homer steals Comic Book Guy’s car, and must either prove his innocence in court or reconcile with the jilted nerd

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The Clown Stays in the Picture – Krusty reveals the untold story of his past in his movie “The Sands of Space.” While working as personal assistants on the movie, Bart and Lisa learn about the early years of their parents’ relationship.

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I’m Dancing as Fat as I Can – Homer angers Marge by binging their favorite show without her, and has to pick up a new skill in order to make amends. Meanwhile, Bart prepares to compete in “Krusty’s Holiday Trample.”

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The Girl on the Bus – Lisa spots a new best friend from the window of the bus, and gets a taste of what life could be like with a different, more cultured family. She proceeds to try and live a double life.


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