Younger.S06E12.WEB.x264-TRUMP & Younger.S06E12.720p.WEB.x264-TRUMP

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Forever – Liza struggles to balance without Kelsey. Kelsey strategizes with an unlikely ally. Diana and Charles both make moves for the future

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Younger.S06E11.WEB.x264-TRUMP & Younger.S06E11.720p.WEB.x264-TRUMP

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Holding Out for a SHero – 40-year-old Liza passes herself off as 26 to land a job in the field of her dreams. Now she just has to make sure no one discovers her secret. Also stars Hilary Duff, Debi Mazar, Nico Tortorella and Miriam Shor.

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Younger.S06E10.WEB.x264-TRUMP & Younger.S06E10.720p.WEB.x264-TRUMP

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Younger.S06E10.1080p.WEB.x264-TRUMP – Added.

It’s All About The Money, Honey – Liza is shocked to see an unexpected costar in her Infinitely 21 ad campaign. Kelsey and Charles head to Chicago with a plan. Josh considers his options beyond Inkburg.

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Younger.S06E09.WEB.x264-TBS & Younger.S06E09.720p.WEB.x264-TBS

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Millennial’s Next Top Model – Millennial deals with the fallout of the Debutante Ball. Liza is pulled into a media frenzy, led by a publicity-hungry Quinn Tyler. Maggie dates against type. Kelsey and Zane reset.

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Younger.S06E08.WEB.x264-TBS & Younger.S06E08.720p.WEB.x264-TBS

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The Debu-taunt – Charles wants to take the next step with Liza. Millennial participates in a Debutante Ball for first-time authors.

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Younger.S06E07.WEB.x264-TBS & Younger.S06E07.720p.WEB.x264-TBS

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Friends With Benefits – Kelsey is at odds with Charles; Liza has a flashback to her old life; Diana goes to a family christening with Enzo where they meet his ex.

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Younger.S06E06.WEB.x264-TBS & Younger.S06E06.720p.WEB.x264-TBS

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Merger, She Wrote – Liza and Charles attend a microdosing retreat, where Liza is surprised by new friends and familiar faces. Brownyn Madigan finds an unlikely voice for her audiobooks. Maggie gets hogtied.

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Stiff Competition – Liza and Charles use competiton to spice up their relationship. Kelsey and Diana question Liza’s loyalty. Josh reaps the perks of going viral.

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Younger.S06E04.WEB.x264-TBS & Younger.S06E04.720p.WEB.x264-TBS

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An Inside Glob – After a book loss, Liza and Kelsey focus on an author who is skeptical of Millennials in charge; Kelsey deals with the stress of her new job, and Maggie tries a holistic remedy

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Younger.S06E03.WEB.x264-TBS & Younger.S06E03.720p.WEB.x264-TBS

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The Unusual Suspect – Liza thinks Charles is keeping something from her; Millennial secures an exclusive with acquitted murderer Audrey Colbert; Kelsey feels inferior to Quinn.

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