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A Change in the Team – Dwayne testifies on the prosecution’s behalf and dismantles the timeline they established, so Lavinia pressures Josh to fire him. Dwayne redeems himself when he stumbles on a big break in the case leading to a shocking confession and Josh winning Lavinia’s case.
New Case, Old Murder – In the aftermath of winning Lavinia’s case, the town finally embraces Josh as a real Pecker. However, Josh agonizes over whether or not Lavinia may have done it and, unable to try Lavinia again for Edgar’s murder, Josh takes a big swing by trying to open an old case.

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A Hole in the Case – As the trial begins, Josh and his team experience some hiccups in proving Lavinia’s innocence to the judge. As soon as Josh thinks he’s been able to find cause for dismissal of the case, Carol Anne argues to test the timeline herself, leading them to uncover a hidden passageway on Lavinia’s property.
The Murder Clock – Josh’s team continues to hunt for the potential murder weapon that would seal their timeline. The case takes a dramatic turn as their search leads them to two new suspects and some shocking news about Lavinia.

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The Suitcase – In the Season 2 premiere, Josh Segal and Associates get their first case: defending Lavinia Peck Foster, the eccentric First Lady of East Peck, who was found with her husband Edgar’s corpse in a suitcase in her trunk.
The Timeline – Judge Kamiltow rules that Lavinia must stand trial for the murder of her husband; and Josh and the team try to poke holes in the timeline of the case Carol Anne will present. But when a clock is determined to be the murder weapon, they are forced to seek help from two unlikely sources the convicted murderer of Lavinia’s brother and the host of a popular murder podcast called “M Town.”

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Ep12: The Defense Rests – In the Season 1 finale, Josh focuses on making his final case before closing arguments and takes a huge gamble by putting Larry on the stand. Despite hiring the best witness coach in the South to train him, Larry’s testimony leads to a shocking discovery about Larry’s past that may be too difficult to overcome.
Ep13: The Verdict – In the Season 1 finale, the trial is over and the verdict is announced. In other events, a key piece of evidence is found that answers the question of who killed Margaret Henderson.

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Unusual Suspect – – After the prosecution presents its case for 28 grueling days, Josh’s defense suffers a major setback when Summer turns into a suspect. When Larry forbids Josh from putting Summer on the stand, Josh must decide how much he’s willing to sacrifice to get Larry his freedom.

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Ep09: Opening Statements – As the trial officially begins, Josh’s strategy of painting another suspect as the murderer takes a crucial blow. Meanwhile, Anne and Dwayne investigate why Larry’s former lover, Alfonzo, isn’t on the prosecution’s witness list.
Ep10: A Hostile Jury – Josh tries to show the hostile jury the real Larry when they visit the crime scene before they hear the testimony of Larry’s former lover, Alfonzo. Meanwhile, Anne and Dwayne search for Margaret’s missing cell phone.

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A Change in Defense – With the trial now getting national attention, Mankiewicz decides to take over the case from Josh, throwing the team into turmoil; and when he suggests Larry plead insanity, Josh and Carol Anne Keane work together to convince Larry to stand trial.

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The Case Gets Bigger – As Josh prepares for trial, his boss comes down from New York to check up on him and reveals a gigantic hole in his case; and Larry, unsettled by his rift with his daughter and Josh’s boss being in town, takes matters into his own hands with deadly consequences.


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