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Freakin’ Whack-a-Mole – A man sentenced to death by Asher’s father years ago is Annalise’s new client. Meanwhile, Wes is still peeved at Annalise for not revealing everything about Lila’s case; and in a flash-forward, Asher’s whereabouts on the night of the murder are revealed. &

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We’re Not Friends – Annalise defends a minor who shot and killed his father—a police officer. Meanwhile, Wes and Rebecca start to wonder what Annalise’s motives are; and Sam’s relationship with Lila continues to irritate his wife. Also: A flash-forward reveals what’s going on between Laurel and Frank and why he was calling her the night Sam died. &

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Let’s Get to Snooping – Annalise and her students uncover an unexpected truth when investigating an insider trading case. Wes discovers a hidden cell phone containing a clue in the Lila Stangard case. &

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Smile, or Go to Jail – A suburban soccer mom locked up for a misdemeanor gets of out jail, but is immediately arrested again by the FBI for her alleged involvement in a murder, and proving her innocence depends on the testimony of another suspect. Meanwhile, Middleton’s president asks Annalise to help the school’s quarterback, who’s been linked to Lila’s disappearance; and in a flash-forward, someone else may have been present at the time of the murder besides the students. &

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It’s All Her Fault – Annalise has a new client – a man suspected of killing his wife. She also has to contend with issues at home. &

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Pilot – A ruthless defense attorney and no-nonsense law professor at a Philadelphia university selects a group of her best students to work at her firm in the premiere of this drama, but they soon find themselves entangled in a real-life murder conspiracy.


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