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Blue.Bloods.S05E06.HDTV.x264-LOL & Blue.Bloods.S05E06.720p.HDTV.X264-DIMENSION

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Most Wanted – Frank and Danny are determined to put away an international felon who repeatedly manages to walk away from murder charges, but they struggle to come up with the necessary evidence to earn a conviction. Meanwhile, Erin debates going into private practice when she looks into college costs for Nicky, and Danny butts heads with his new boss.

Blue.Bloods.S05E05.HDTV.x264-LOL & Blue.Bloods.S05E05.720p.HDTV.X264-DIMENSION

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Loose Lips – A woman’s abusive boyfriend targets Jamie after he intercedes in a domestic dispute. Elsewhere, the press get ahold of an illegal tape capturing Henry’s insensitive comments, and Frank must deal with the ensuing scandal.

Blue.Bloods.S05E04.HDTV.x264-LOL & Blue.Bloods.S05E04.720p.HDTV.X264-DIMENSION

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Excessive Force – Danny’s charged with using excessive force, which puts Frank in a difficult position. Elsewhere, sparks fly between Jamie and an attractive doctor, inciting jealousy in Eddie.

Blue.Bloods.S05E03.HDTV.x264-LOL & Blue.Bloods.S05E03.720p.HDTV.X264-DIMENSION

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Burning Bridges – Eddie and James attempt to steal a collar from a pompous detective. An officer is outed and his partner refuses to ride with him. Danny and Baez are asked to work with new partners. Elsewhere Frank speaks out about equality on the force.

Blue.Bloods.S05E02.HDTV.x264-LOL & Blue.Bloods.S05E02.720p.HDTV.X264-DIMENSION

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Forgive and Forget – Jamie refuses to shun a cop who testified against her partner, earning him disapproval from Eddie and other officers. Elsewhere, Erin and Danny get into a dispute when a closed case leads to a new murder; and a sports celebrity visits Frank.

Blue.Bloods.S05E01.HDTV.x264-LOL & Blue.Bloods.S05E01.720p.HDTV.X264-DIMENSION

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Partners – In the fifth-season opener, Baez gets injured while escorting confiscated drugs, so Danny goes after the drug cartel responsible. Elsewhere, a lieutenant with a commendable record engages in controversial behavior, putting Frank in a difficult situation.

Blue.Bloods.S04E22.HDTV.x264-LOL & Blue.Bloods.S04E22.720p.HDTV.X264-DIMENSION

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Exiles – In the fourth-season finale, Danny works on an off-limits case and is then put on modified duty. Realizing he’s stumbled onto something big, he alerts Frank, who does some digging and is shocked by the enormity of the situation.

Blue.Bloods.S04E21.HDTV.x264-LOL & Blue.Bloods.S04E21.720p.HDTV.X264-DIMENSION

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Above and Beyond – An undercover policeman is killed and Frank is determined to find the person responsible. Nicky turns to Jamie as she attempts to locate an ex-classmate living on the streets.

Blue.Bloods.S04E20.HDTV.x264-LOL & Blue.Bloods.S04E20.720p.HDTV.X264-DIMENSION

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Custody Battle – A cop is accused of killing a suspect already in custody, and Erin gets assigned the case. Elsewhere, Jamie tries to convince Eddie to reconcile with her dad.

Blue.Bloods.S04E19.HDTV.x264-LOL & Blue.Bloods.S04E19.720p.HDTV.X264-DIMENSION

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Secret Arrangements – Danny and Baez investigate the murder of a college professor who was involved with a questionable scholarship program. Meanwhile, Danny learns that his father didn’t tell him that the DA is investigating him for ethical and procedural violations.



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