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By_Any_Means.1x06.HDTV_x264-FoV & By_Any_Means.1x06.720p_HDTV_x264-FoV

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Episode 6 – Jack and his team are called in when a key witness in a murder case implicating a gangland thug withdraws their statement. As the thug walks free he’s already got a drug deal set up.

By_Any_Means.1x05.HDTV_x264-FoV & By_Any_Means.1×05.720p_HDTV_x264-FoV

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Episode 5 – As an organised drug deal takes place, Ahmed Demir shoots and kills innocent onlooker Arthur Rose. He then ends up being given the option by MI5 chief Charles Napier of informing on his terrorist connections in exchange for his freedom. Helen is worried that this enables Ahmed to evade justice for Arthur Rose’s murder and she calls in Jack and the team in to make sure that justice is served.

By_Any_Means.1x04.HDTV_x264-FoV & By_Any_Means.1x04.720p_HDTV_x264-FoV

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Episode 04 – After former Bank Finance Director Sally Walker and her retired MP husband, Lawrence Walker, are cleared of stealing three million pounds from their children’s charity fund, Helen believes that have taken the money for themselves. Also having seen a couple of good police officers sacked for pursuing the matter, she wants Jack and the team to investigate.

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Episode 03 – After a building is deliberately burnt to the ground, killing eighteen people inside and the guilty culprit cannot be brought to justice, Jack and the team are brought in to try and bring him down.

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By Any Means follows a clandestine unit living on the edge and playing the criminal elite at their own game, existing in the grey area between the letter of the law and true justice.



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