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Childrens.Hospital.US.S05E13.HDTV.x264-2HD & Childrens.Hospital.US.S05E13.720p.HDTV.x264-2HD

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Coming and Going – The doctors’ trip to Japan comes to a climax.

Childrens.Hospital.US.S05E12.HDTV.x264-2HD & Childrens.Hospital.US.S05E12.720p.HDTV.x264-2HD

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My Friend Falcon – A personal documentary featuring the lifelong friendship/rivalry between David Wain and Just Falcon.

Childrens.Hospital.US.S05E11.HDTV.x264-2HD & Childrens.Hospital.US.S05E11.720p.HDTV.x264-2HD

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Season 5 Episode 11 – N/A.

Childrens.Hospital.US.S05E10.HDTV.x264-2HD & Childrens.Hospital.US.S05E10.720p.HDTV.x264-2HD

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Blaken – Blake assumes that a stupid little kidnapping warrants the interruption of television magic.

Childrens.Hospital.US.S05E08.HDTV.x264-EVOLVE & Childrens.Hospital.US.S05E08.720p.HDTV.x264-EVOLVE

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Spoiler Alert: Owen Gets a Perm – Owen is taught a hard lesson about hair choices; Glenn reveals a secret about his surgical abilities.

Childrens.Hospital.US.S05E07.HDTV.x264-EVOLVE & Childrens.Hospital.US.S05E07.720p.HDTV.x264-EVOLVE

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Old Fashioned Day – Complications arise when Sy plans a costume day at the base.

Childrens.Hospital.US.S05E06.HDTV.x264-EVOLVE & Childrens.Hospital.US.S05E06.720p.HDTV.x264-EVOLVE

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The Gang Gets Sushi – Lola is recruited by a task force, but a figure from her past threatens her new opportunity.

Childrens.Hospital.US.S05E05.HDTV.x264-2HD & Childrens.Hospital.US.S05E05.720p.HDTV.x264-2HD

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Imaginary Friends – A ward for sick imaginary friends is set to be destroyed.

Childrens.Hospital.US.S05E04.HDTV.x264-EVOLVE & Childrens.Hospital.US.S05E04.720p.HDTV.x264-EVOLVE

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Country Weekend – The doctors attend Cat’s wedding to Michael, which is at her vacation house.

Childrens.Hospital.US.S05E03.HDTV.x264-EVOLVE & Childrens.Hospital.US.S05E03.720p.HDTV.x264-EVOLVE

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The C-Word – A plane crash interrupts an evening of fun on the base; Owen tangles with a time loop.




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