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Posted by on Nov 2nd, 2015 Leave a Comment! SCENE
Def Leppard

1. Let’s Go 5:02
2. Dangerous 3:26
3. Man Enough 3:54
4. We Belong 5:06
5. Invincible 3:46
6. Sea Of Love 4:04
7. Energized 3:23
8. All Time High 4:19
9. Battle Of My Own 2:42
10. Broke ‘N’ Brokenhearted 3:17
11. Forever Young 2:22
12. Last Dance 3:09
13. Wings Of An Angel 4:23
14. Blind Faith 5:35

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Posted by on Feb 12th, 2014 2 Comments SCENE

Slang, in my humble but accurate opinion, is Def Leppard’s masterpiece. It’s the album that made me a true fan. Music needs substance for me to appreciate it, and it’s testament to Leppard’s strong songwriting skills that I was a fan before Slang, because up until then, substance seemed to be something they were deliberately avoiding. Joe called the music “Deep and meaningless”.This album has been called an attempt at “modern music”, and it may have been, but that’s only half of it. Modern elements, like industrial, R&B, rap, and Indian styles were blended, but the upshot of incorporating so many styles gave the album a quality the band hadn’t captured before: variety. Not one of these songs sounds alike, and if it wasn’t that this was Leppard’s only CD daring enough to try variety, you’d guess they were all from different albums.

Disc 1/2
1. Truth 3:01
2. Turn To Dust 4:21
3. Slang 2:37
4. All I Want Is Everything 5:20
5. Work It Out 4:49
6. Breathe A Sigh 4:06
7. Deliver Me 3:04
8. Gift Of Flesh 3:48
9. Blood Runs Cold 4:26
10. Where Does Love Go When It Dies 4:04
11. Pearl Of Euphoria 6:22
—Complete Playlist in the NFO file—-

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