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Pylon – With the Cowley team scattered across Oxfordshire, Endeavour finds himself policing a lonely country patch, and back in uniform. His day job is a monotonous investigation of missing livestock and stolen tractors. But when he discovers the dead body of a missing schoolgirl, it opens this quiet backwater to the roar of Castle Gate CID – now staffed by Thursday and an old adversary, the newly promoted DCI Ronnie Box, alongside sidekick DS Alan Jago.

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Neverland – Plans to build a new police station sees Endeavour and Fred questioning their respective places on the force. A boy disappears from a broken home. A body of a journalist is discove…

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Sway – Bonfire Night is just around the corner and Vivienne Haldane is discovered choked to death in her home. It is the third strangling in a month, leaving Oxford City Police on edge.

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Nocturne – World Cup fever is gripping the country, as Argentina battle it out against England in the quarterfinals. At an Oxford museum, some schoolgirls take a look at the worldly exhibit…

Endeavour.S02E01.HDTV.x264-RiVER & Endeavour.S02E01.720p.HDTV.x264-TLA

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Trove – After a man falls to his death, the investigation sees Morse back in action. He uncovers some secrets at the university and also outside of the city. He needs to move quickly though as the body count increases and doomsday beckons.


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Endeavour – Set in 1965, young Detective Constable Endeavour Morse investigates a case in Oxford.

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Home – A hit and run accident claims the life of an eminent Classics Professor forcing Endeavour and Thursday to each face their past. Not every story has a happy ending.

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Rocket – HRH Princess Margaret is due to visit Oxford to unveil the British Imperial Electric Company’s latest weapon of mass destruction at a Cowley factory. Endeavour who is still stuck doing General Duties, is excluded from the event. After the ceremony comes to a close he finds himself deeply embroiled in the affairs of the factory and its owners, the dysfunctional Broom family. Percy Malleson, has been found murdered in a secluded area of the shop floor in the factory. One of his hiss colleagues, Lenny Frost, is the main suspect as there is bad blood between them resulting from an industrial accident.


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Fugue – There is a new kind of killer haunting the Oxford twilight. Endeavour and Thursday find the city’s dreaming spires giving way to waking nightmare.

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Fugue – There is a new kind of killer haunting the Oxford twilight. Endeavour and Thursday find the city’s dreaming spires giving way to waking nightmare.


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