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1. Salvation 2:21
2. Oh Lord 4:08
3. Black Wedding (Featuring Rob Halford) 4:07
4. In the Air Tonight 4:57
5. Joan of Arc 3:37
6. River of Fire 3:59
7. Witching Hour 4:09
8. Twin Flames 5:00
9. Half God Half Devil 4:11
10. No Me Importa 4:17
11. Roots 4:09
12. Lay Your Gun Down 4:03

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Black Widow

Nature counts the black widow spider amongst its most fascinating and dangerous anomalies. The female arachnid often devours its mate after copulation. It’s both a delicate and dangerous predator. In This Moment isn’t all that different from this enigmatic beast. Led by frontwoman Maria Brink, the Los Angeles hard rock outfit strikes with a seductive metallic bite on their aptly titled fifth full-length album, Black Widow.
“Black Widow is a metaphor for this innocent young girl who gets infected with life, traumas, experiences, and the balance of light and darkness,” explains Maria. “She becomes this poised and powerful creature. That’s the album.”

01. The Infectio
02. Sex Metal Barbie
03. Big Bad Wolf
04. Dirty Pretty
05. Black Widow
06. Sexual Hallucination (Feat. Brent Smith)
07. Sick Like Me
08. Bloody Creature Poster Girl
09. The Fighter
10. Bones
11. Natural Born Sinner
12. Into The Darkness
13. Out Of Hell
14. Turn You (Bonus Track)
15. Rib Cage (Bonus Track)


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Black Widow

01. The Infection 1:49
02. Sex Metal Barbie 4:22
03. Big Bad Wolf 5:12
04. Dirty Pretty 4:07
05. Black Widow 4:58
06. Sexual Hallucination (Feat. Brent Smith of Shinedown) 6:18
07. Sick Like Me 5:00
08. Bloody Creature Poster Girl 4:20
09. The Fighter 4:52
10. Bones 4:30
11. Natural Born Sinner 5:09
12. Into The Darkness 2:52
13. Out Of Hell 6:34

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