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Posted by on Nov 5th, 2013 1 Comment P2P

A pleasure-centered album that spans many genres of dance music, Damage Control includes smashes such as Easy feat. Porter Robinson, the white-hot single Pyramid Scheme feat Chuck D. of Public Enemy. The album also includes the forthcoming single Lucid Dreams, an innovative, sun-soaked listen that perfectly embodies Zo’s unique take on big room sounds. Retaining a cohesive thread throughout thanks to Zo’s unmistakable sense of fun and infectious grasp of melody, Damage Control is sure to go down as the most forward-thinking debut artist album of 2013.

1. Superman Lost
2. Only For You
3. Easy (feat. Porter Robinson)
4. Caller ID
5. Little Damage
6. Pyramid Scheme
7. The Sky
8. Like It Used To Be
9. Time On Your Side
10. Moderate Stimulation
11. Lucid Dreams
12. EZ
13. Hurricane
14. Fall Into Dreams
15. Time Dilation

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