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Universal assistant for solving mathematical tasks for pupils and students, which allows you not only to see the answer to the task, but also shows a detailed solution. Derivatives, limits, geometric shapes, the task of statistics, matrices, systems of equations and vectors – this and more in Math Helper! Application MathHelper is indispensable during exams, writing sessions and examinations! And even if you have already grown out of student uniforms and jeans, you may sometimes emergently need a universal mathematical reference book-calculator!
Math Helper allows you to calculate in six sections:
1. Linear Algebra – Operations with matrices (7 subsections).
2. Linear algebra – Solving systems of linear equations (3 units).
3. Vector algebra – Vectors (9 sub-sections).
4. Vector algebra – Shapes (subsection 4).
5. Mathematical analysis – Derivatives (3 units).
5. The theory of probability (subsection 4).
6. The number and sequence (11 subsections).

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