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Posted by on May 4th, 2013 Leave a Comment! SCENE
Rebel Alliance

Maya Over Eyes’ newest endeavor, Rebel Alliance has had Maya s fans waiting with baited breath for their first release in 3 years. Vocalist and founding member Paco Medina not only creates a unique mix of aggressive roar, heartfelt yell, and the bark of a pitbull, he s chosen to express his heritage in this album by writing Furia and Fuego in his native Spanish. Although he is the only guitarist, Edder Lopez is able to channel his inner buzzsaw to write riffs that demand the crowd do his bidding.

1. Rigor Mortis
2. Furia
3. Union
4. Truth Set Free
5. Fight
6. Rebel Scum
8. Alpha Male
9. Lifetime
10. Fuego

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