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To keep up with the phenomenal demand for its beer, this Mexican mega-brewery can brew, bottle, pack and ship 20 million bottles of Corona in just 24 hours.


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Go behind the scenes of General Motors and discover the secrets of the Chevy Volt.


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Despite the lure of video games, children spend 5 billion hours a year playing with LEGO. From the creative gurus to the robotic assembly to the fickle test market, uncover the secrets to its success.


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The Apache is perhaps the most lethal attack helicopter in the world. Pass through the security protocols at the Boeing plant in Mesa, Arizona, to see how this battle tank of the air is built. How it is engineered to be a stealth fighter, flying low over the battlefield, resistant to heavy groundfire. Built to take multiple hits yet bring its pilots home. How it is engineered to hide its tracks as it steals through the skies, to evade enemy radar and heat-seeking missiles. How it sports some of the most sophisticated military technology on the planet. Workers at the Boeing plant, and the men who actually fight the battles and return home in the Apache, reveal the secrets of this deadly fighting machine.


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Go behind the scenes of Ferrari’s top-secret factory in Marnello, Italy, to learn the design secrets of their newest sports car. See why autos with the Prancing Stallion emblem are so highly prized.


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Every year nearly 600 million customers flock to 296 IKEA stores in 36 countries. From teaspoons to living rooms, see how the entire contents
of a home are created in a huge variety of styles.


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Megafactories Rolls Royce

For many of us, theres nothing quite as cool as a factory – the deafening whirr of huge machines, the mechanized march of thousands of parts on conveyor belts, the spinning, grabbing, twisting, bending and turning that magically convert raw materials and parts into todays coolest products trucks, twinkies, beer, and cool gadgets of all kinds. Theres a visual allure to the automated assembly process that we can watch forever. Of course, the demand for these products continues to grow. This dizzying spiral of more, faster, better, cheaper gets more intense every day. The most successful factories are under tremendous pressure to produce. So factories continue to get bigger, and their engineers and managers continue to use the most cutting-edge science, technology and even psychology to make them produce faster, higher quality products – all at cheaper and cheaper prices.



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