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Posted by on Jun 5th, 2015 Leave a Comment! SCENE

01.Dead Inside [04:24]
02.[drill Sergeant] [00:21]
03.Psycho [05:17]
04.Mercy [03:52]
05.Reapers [06:00]
06.The Handler [04:34]
07.[JFK] [00:55]
08.Defector [04:33]
09.Revolt [04:06]
10.Aftermath [05:48]
11.The Globalist [10:07]
12.Drones [02:52]

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Posted by on Jun 2nd, 2015 Leave a Comment! P2P

The new studio album from Muse, featuring “Dead Inside,” “Mercy,” and “Psycho”

01. Dead Inside
02. [Drill Sergeant]
03. Psycho
04. Mercy
05. Reapers
06. The Handler
07. [JFK]
08. Defector
09. Revolt
10. Aftermath
11. The Globalist
12. Drones

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Posted by on Nov 29th, 2013 Leave a Comment! SCENE
Live at Rome Olympic Stadium

Live at Rome Olympic Stadium was filmed on 6th July 2013 in front of a capacity audience of over 60,000, the film captures the momentous evening in the Italian capital and showcases the most extravagant set build and spectacular stage show of any Muse tour to date. The three school friends from Devon take the audience on a mesmerizing journey using pyrotechnics, expansive digital screens and a troop of actors to accompany their epic playlist of 20 tracks for the DVD and 13 accompanying audio tracks including hits from their most recent studio album The 2nd Law, as well as classics such as Uprising, Supermassive Black Hole, Time Is Running Out, Starlight and Plug-In Baby.

Disc: 1
1. Supremacy
2. Panic Station
3. Resistance
4. Hysteria
5. Animals
6. Knights Of Cydonia
7. Explorers
8. Follow Me
9. Madness
10. Guiding Light
11. Super Massive Black Hole
12. Uprising
13. Starlight
–complete tracklist in nfo–

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