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Neil_ Young_–_Bluenote_Cafe-2015-P2P

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Bluenote Cafe

1. Welcome To The Big Room
2. Don’t Take Your Love Away From Me
3. This Note’s For You
4. Ten Men Workin’
5. Life In The City
6. Hello Lonely Woman
7. Soul Of A Woman
8. Married Man
9. Bad News Comes To Town
10. Ain’t It The Truth
11. One Thing
12. Twilight
__________Complete Tracklist in The NFO__________

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The Monsanto Years

01. A New Day For Love
02. Wolf Moon
03. People Want To Hear About Love
04. Big Box
05. A Rock Star Bucks A Coffee Shop
06. Workin’ Man
07. Rules Of Change
08. Monsanto Years
09. If I Don’t Know


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01. Plastic Flowers 4:04
02. Who’s Gonna Stand Up? 3:49
03. I Want To Drive My Car 2:22
04. Glimmer 3:10
05. Say Hello To Chicago 4:54
06. Tumbleweed 3:22
07. Like You Used To Do 2:39
08. I’m Glad I Found You 3:22
09. When I Watch You Sleeping 5:36
10. All Those Dreams 3:52
ـــــــComplete Track List in the NFOـــــــ

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Neil Young

Live archive release from the veteran singer/songwriter, an album of unreleased live performances from late 1970. The album is the latest in Young’s ongoing Archives Performance Series, and it collects recordings made during the Canadian singer/songwriter’s intimate six-show solo stand at The Cellar Door, a venue in Washington D.C., between November 30th and December 2nd, 1970. Since the gigs were only a few months after his timeless third solo album, After The Gold Rush, was released and five of the thirteen tracks here are from that very record, including ‘Only Love Can Break Your Heart’ and ‘Don’t Let It Bring You Down’. Also featured, is ‘Cinnamon Girl’ performed on piano rather than guitar, a handful of Buffalo Springfield songs, including ‘Expecting To Fly’ and ‘Old Man’ which wasn’t released until two years later on 1972’s Harvest album.

1. Tell Me Why 2:52
2. Only Love Can Break Your Heart 3:14
3. After the Gold Rush 3:48
4. Expecting to Fly 3:22
5. Bad Fog of Loneliness 2:01
6. Old Man 3:41
7. Birds 2:19
8. Dont Let It Bring You Down 2:38
9. See the Sky About to Rain 3:22
10.Cinnamon Girl 3:29
11.I am a Child 2:44
12.Down by the River 4:25
13.Flying on the Ground Is Wrong 7:11

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