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2013 debut album from New Zealand singer/songwriter Ella Yelich-O’Connor AKA Lorde. It’d be easy to mistake Ella for a seasoned tunesmith from the American South, one who carries a heavy heart that’s been ravaged by careless men over time. But in truth, Lorde recorded these songs as a 16-year old Kiwi championed by the likes of Perez Hilton and Grimes. She has a timeless knack for songcraft with a sophisticated pop savvy that most people over 30 can’t find without collaboration. Lorde needs no collaborative hacks — she writes and sings her own songs. Even when she sings in her higher vocal range about teenage politics, Lorde carries herself with the grace and poise of someone like Beth Orton.

1 Tennis Court
2 400 Lux
3 Royals
4 Ribs
5 Buzzcut Season
6 Team
7 Glory and Gore
8 Still Sane
9 White Teeth Teens
10 A World Alone

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2013 debut from the British Drum ‘n’ Bass/Electronic outfit. . Winning critical acclaim alongside rapturous responses from live crowds, Rudimental are a collective with strong musical heart (in the shape of Piers Aggett, Amir Amor, Kesi Dryden and Leon Rolle) who, like Soul II Soul, Massive Attack or Basement Jaxx before have come together to strike musical gold with a unique identity: sound- clashing live instruments, beats and soulful voices. Home follows the blaze lit by previous singles – the chart-topping ‘Feel The Love’, ‘Not Giving In’, with its empowering message for hard times, and the bittersweet street record ‘Hell Could Freeze’ – with New York rapper Angel Haze.

1. Home
2. Feel The Love (Feat. John Newman)
3. Right Here (Feat. Foxes)
4. Hell Could Freeze (Feat. Angel Haze)
5. Spoons (Feat. MNEK & Syron)
6. Hide (Feat. Sinead Harnett)
7. Powerless (Feat. Becky Hill)
8. More Than Anything (Feat. Emeli Sand)
9. Not Giving In (Feat. John Newman & Alex Clare)
10. Baby (Feat. MNEK & Sinead Harnett)
11. Waiting All Night (Feat. Ella Eyre)
12. Free (Feat. Emeli Sand)

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Debut album for 22-year-old dance-pop siren Brooke Addamo. Eleven new tracks of sprawling synth-pop, including the brilliant nostalgia of first single ‘Closure’, the slick Scandinavian attitude of ‘Hurricane’ and Italo-disco stylings of title track ‘Nightswim’.

1 Intro
2 Nightswim
3 Hurricane
4 Diamonds In Her Eyes
5 Ivory
6 Golden Lies
7 Open Up
8 Find Out
9 Saltwater
10 Closure
11 Jewels & Sapphires
12 Love Run Dry (Bonus Track)

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Ill Manors

Combining overlapping stories and an interweaving rap narrative, ill Manors is conceptual in both approach and execution. Featuring production from Labrinth (Tinie Tempah), Chase & Status (Rihanna) and Al Shux (Jay-Z) the album is as bold and brilliant as its namesake. Bass-heavy, there’s references to the music Ben is listening to now (Azealia Banks, Odd Future, Frank Ocean, Maverick Sabre) as well as the dubstep, bass, hip-hop and D&B that have shaped him sonically over the years. For Ben Drew, it’s ill Manors that is the highlight to date. Despite the sales and international success, it’s this film project and album that he considers his biggest achievement thus far.

1 Your Mother Was A Prostitute 1:32
2 My Boy’s A Mad Boy Y’know 1:15
3 Michelle 2:12
4 Bullet In His Head 0:46
5 Did You Just Call Me A Cunt? 1:36
6 See, It Didn’t Kill Me Did It? 1:40
7 Pity The Plight Score 1:59
8 Hope In Hell 1:12
9 Waiting For The Sun Score 2:16
10 What’s That? It’s A Baby 1:26
11 Rescue 1:03
12 Pity The Fate Score 1:38
13 Altered Score 4:15
14 Ed Woz Ere 1:24
15 I Have Always Loved You 3:35



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