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Posted by on Oct 21st, 2014 Leave a Comment! SCENE
Primus & The Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble

1. Hello Wonkites 2:00
2. Candy Man 4:25
3. Cheer Up Charlie 3:35
4. Golden Ticket 5:07
5. Lermaninoff 0:04
6. Pure Imaginatiobn 5:28
7. Oompa Augustus 1:41
8. Semi-Wondrous Boat Ride 2:35
9. Oompa Violet 1:45
10. I Want It Now 4:09
11. Oompa Veruca 1:39
12. Wonkmobile 1:14
13. Oompa TV 1:42
14. Farewell Wonkites 4:58

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Posted by on Jul 25th, 2013 Leave a Comment! SCENE
Sailing The Seas Of Cheese

Opening with the creaky sounds of a ship at sea, Sailing charts the funk-punk waters the San Francisco Bay area band returns to again and again. It’s all here: the acerbic humor, Les Claypool’s gurgling fretless bass lines, Larry LaLonde’s seasick metal guitar, and Tim Alexander’s Bill Bruford-inspired syncopation. The narrator of “Sgt. Baker” aims to “rape your personality,” while the reapers of the “American Life” live out their dreams “residing in a cardboard box.

1. Seas Of Cheese
2. Here Come The Bastards
3. Sgt. Baker
4. American Life
5. Jerry Was A Race Car Driver
6. Eleven
7. Is it Luck?
8. Grandad s Little Ditty
9. Tommy The Cat
10. Sathington Waltz
–complete tracklist in NFO–

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