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Posted by on Oct 20th, 2013 1 Comment SCENE
Pacific Rim

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As a war between humankind and monstrous sea creatures wages on, a former pilot and a trainee are paired up to drive a seemingly obsolete special weapon in a desperate effort to save the world from the apocalypse.


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In a future mind-controlling game, death row convicts are forced to battle in a ‘doom’-type environment. Convict Kable, controlled by Simon, a skilled teenage gamer, must survive 30 sessions in order to be set free. Or won’t he?


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Wreck-It Ralph

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A video game villain wants to be a hero and sets out to fulfill his dream, but his quest brings havoc to the whole arcade where he lives.


Posted by on Mar 10th, 2013 2 Comments SCENE
The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey

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A younger and more reluctant Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, sets out on a “unexpected journey” to the Lonely Mountain with a spirited group of Dwarves to reclaim a their stolen mountain home from a dragon named Smaug.


Posted by on Mar 7th, 2013 2 Comments SCENE
Life Of Pi

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A young man who survives a disaster at sea is hurtled into an epic journey of adventure and discovery. While cast away, he forms an unexpected connection with another survivor … a fearsome Bengal tiger.


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Silent Hill Revelation


When her father disappears, Heather Mason is drawn into a strange and terrifying alternate reality that holds answers to the horrific nightmares that have plagued her since childhood.


Posted by on Dec 6th, 2012 1 Comment SCENE

The seven wonder of our solar system are discussed: Enceladus’ geysers, Rings of Saturn, Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, the Asteroid Belt, Mars’ Olympus Mons, the Surface of the Sun, and planet Earth.


Posted by on Sep 13th, 2012 Leave a Comment! SCENE

Agent J travels in time to MIB’s early years in the 1960s, to stop an alien from assassinating his friend Agent K and changing history.



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