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 Circus World

Ladies and gentleman, children of all ages! The spotlight is on you as a travelling circus needs your management skills to grow into the greatest
show on earth! Hire performers, purchase side shows, perform budget management and invest in bigger tents as you make your way across the UK, France and to New York! As you aim to make an impact on the world with a phenomenal roster of entertainers, you ll need to be cautious of the three other rival circuses who are bidding on performers and locations against you. Each week provides a detailed breakdown of your profits.

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Posted by on Mar 24th, 2013 Leave a Comment! SCENE
tankyas Adventures The Curse Of Zoltar

Tankya s Adventure: The Curse of Zoltar Is a cartoon adventure indie game, featuring elements of platform games and shooters.
A colourful and exciting journey where players pit steel fists against dark voodoo magic across beautiful landscapes in order to save the island. Play as Tankya, a young pirate girl who has been born with a unique gift; the ability to talk to Steel. She can only talk to steel, as Gold is too snobby and Iron is too boring. Tankya lives on a tropical paradise, enjoying her days in lazy bliss. However, little does she know deep in the jungle, from the great monkey temple of Ouzumarogaza, a dark magic is growing that threatens to change everything.



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