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Dancing For The Girl

VAUDEVILLE SMASH’s stunning debut album, ‘DANCING FOR THE GIRL’, opens with singer Marc Lucchesi declaring, “I’m stepping out for a while.” Over the next hour, he takes the listener on a thrilling trip, “hoping that this night will last forever” (Dancing For The Girl), where “I hear music in the air” (Devil Said) and “You make me wanna dance” (I Got That Feeling).
VAUDEVILLE SMASH is a band of brothers and two mates. Marc, Dan and Luca Lucchesi had a diverse musical upbringing. Their dad sang Italian and Spanish folk songs and dug The Beatles, while their mum’s dad was the conductor of the Adelaide Latvian men’s choir and taught the kids classical piano.

1. Ghouls 4:20
2. Don’t Say A Word 4:34
3. Dancing For The Girl 4:42
4. Diamonds 4:24
5. I Got That Feeling 3:43
6. Honeymoon 3:30
7. Devil Said 5:22
8. Best Night 3:27
9. Look At Me 4:11
10. Got You On My Mind 4:41
11. Sailor Moon 3:34
12. Strangest Dream 3:56
13. Time 4:43

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