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Different Sides of the Sun

1. Hot Natured Feat Kenny Glasgow – Operate
2. Hot Natured Feat Egyptian Lover – Isis
3. Hot Natured Feat Anabel Englund – Reverse Skydiving
4. Hot Natured – Different Sides
5. Hot Natured Feat Ali Love – Benediction
6. Hot Natured – Forward Motion
7. Hot Natured Feat S.Y.F – People Change
8. Hot Natured – Take You There
9. Hot Natured – Planet Us
10.Hot Natured – Tightrope
11.Hot Natured feat Anabel Englund – Mercury Rising
12.Hot Natured Feat Roison Murphy – Alternate State
13.Hot Natured – Detroit
14.Hot Natured – Physical Control
15.Hot Natured Feat Anabel Englund – Emerald City

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1. Maya Jane Coles – Comfort 4:58
2. Maya Jane Coles – Easier To Hide 5:01
3. Maya Jane Coles Feat Kim Ann Foxman – 4:36
Burning Bright
4. Maya Jane Coles – Dreamer 4:04
5. Maya Jane Coles Feat Nadine Shah – Blame 4:12
6. Maya Jane Coles – Stranger 3:13
7. Maya Jane Coles Feat Karin Park – 4:09
8. Maya Jane Coles Feat Catherine Pockson of 4:58
Alpines – Fall From Grace
9. Maya Jane Coles Feat Tricky – Wait For 3:52
10.Maya Jane Coles Feat Thomas Knights – 4:30
When I’m In Love
11.Maya Jane Coles Feat Miss Kittin – Take A 4:05
12.Maya Jane Coles – Come Home 3:41


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If It Were You We Never Leave

1. Opening Act
2. Doomsday
3. It’s Going to Be Fine
4. Let’s Hear That B Section Again!
5. Lose Sight (Feat. Ane Brun)
6. You Are (Feat. Deb Talan)
7. All This Will Happen Again
8. Echo (Feat. Alison May)
9. A Brief Interlude
10. Gaff’s Eulogy

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Live In London

1. John Digweed – Live in London CD1 Continuous Mix Various artists
2. John Digweed – Live in London CD2 Continuous Mix Various artists
3. John Digweed – Live in London CD3 Continuous Mix Various artists
4. John Digweed – Live in London CD4 Continuous Mix Various artists
5. Kolleckt Eagles & Butterflies
6. Slow Sebo & Madmotormiquel & Nayan Soukie
7. Kontakt (Sieg über die Sonne Remix)Kollektiv Turmstrasse & Sieg über die Sonne
8. Nobody (feat. Lonely C) (Miguel Campbell Club Mix) Baby Prince & Miguel Campbell & Lonely C
9. A Night in Nassau Luca Bacchetti
10. DesenJumi Phonogenic
—-Complete playlist in NFO—-


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