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Band of Brothers

01 Bring It On 2:56
02 Guitar in the Corner 3:56
03 The Wall 3:30
04 Whenever You Come Around 4:14
05 Wives and Girlfriends 3:03
06 I Thought I Left You 3:02
07 Send Me a Picture 4:00
08 Used to Her 2:47
09 The Git Go (with Jamey Johnson) 4:08
10 Band of Brothers 2:52
11 Hard to Be an Outlaw 3:10
12 Crazy like Me 3:17
13 The Songwriters 3:17
14 IÆve Got a Lot of Traveling to Do 3:21

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To All The Girls...

To All The Girls… finds Willie reunited with his two greatest loves: beautiful music and talented women.
Decades of heartfelt performances and compositions in popular music have long solidified Willie’s reputation as one of country s greatest romantics. To All The Girls…continues Nelson’s musical relationships with some of the most talented women in country, pop and soul.

01. Interpret Sabotage (Feat. Mel)
02. Deion’s House
03. Codes & Cab Fare (Feat. Black Thought)
04. Ghetto Demf (Feat. Quelle Chris)
05. Sonny Jr. (Dreams) (Feat. Robert Glasper & Dwele)
06. Sunday’s Best
07. Monday’s Worst
08. Perfected On Puritan Ave.
09. Dismal
10. Parallels (Feat. Ab)
11. X Chords
12. Black Sabbath (Feat.Tone Trezure)
13. Money Bags (Paradise)

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