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Yanni _The _Dream _Concert:_Live_from _the _Great _Pyramids _of _Egypt_iTunes-2016-P2P

Posted by on Jun 5th, 2016 P2P
 The Dream Concert

1. One Man’s Dream (Live)
2. For All Seasons (Live)
3. Yanni: Welcome (Live)
4. Felitsa (Live)
5. Acroyali (Live)
6. Human Condition (Live)
7. Dreams Come True Interlude (Live)
8. Reflections of Passion (Live)
9. Standing in Motion (Live)
10. Nostalgia (Live)
11. Niki Nana (Live)
12. Santorini (Live)
13. International Space Station Message (Live)
14. Storm (Live)

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